A/B testing is one of the most crucial and impactful aspects of Display advertising. Without effective A/B testing, it’s difficult to get an idea about what kind of display ads resonate most with your audience.

A/B testing your display ads can give you eye-opening insights and help optimize your future campaigns as well.

No wonder companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook swear by it and run 1000s of A/B tests each year.

But, did you know that the major challenge that businesses face for A/B testing today is the lack of time and right tools?

Source: Top A/B testing challenges

Let’s find out how you can overcome these problems and start running multiple A/B tests in a short time to maximize your display ad conversions.

What is A/B Testing? Why is it Important for Banner Ads?

A/B testing or split testing of banner ads is the process of showing two variants of the same banner ad to different customers at the same time.

By comparing the conversions of these variants, you will know which banner ad works better.

A/B testing your banners ads is super-important for your business because it can help you:

  1. Lead to a significant increase in your conversion rates - A/B testing doesn’t have to involve making substantial changes to your banner ad. Merely changing the “Shop Now” button color from grey to green can triple your ad click-through rates!
  2. Reduce ad fatigue or banner blindness - When your prospects see the same ads repeatedly, they are likely to stop noticing it and scroll right past it. So A/B testing your ads can eliminate ad fatigue.
  3. Understand the needs and likes of your audience better - Using the data accumulated from your A/B tests, you’ll get a fair understanding about what goes well with your target persona.
  4. Use the feedback for the better design of your future banner ads - Using your A/B test feedback, you’ll be able to design better banner ads in the future. For example, if stock images don’t resonate well with your audience compared to actual photos, you can consider avoiding stock photos for all your future display ads.

Deciding What to Test

A/B test should be done in a controlled manner for optimal results. This means that you must vary only one element of your banner ad at a time. If you vary two things at a time, you wouldn’t know which one worked in your favor.

Here are a few elements that you can A/B test in your banner ads:

1. Colors, Fonts, and Background Images

Visual elements in your banner ads can act as significant psychological triggers for your prospects.

If your target audience consists of varied personas, then it is highly likely that varying your banner ad visuals and images can bring up unexpected changes in your conversions.

You can try the varying the following:

  1. Colors and contrast - You can try and change the color of your backgrounds, fonts, and images. Ensure that the colors are aligned with your branding.
  2. Background - You can try photographs, stock images, graphics, or even plain backgrounds.
  3. Fonts - You can vary the fonts and font sizes of headlines, ad copy, or CTA.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different visual elements of your display ads. By doing so, you are likely to land on a perfect banner ad design that yields maximum conversions for your campaign.

A perfect example is when Sony attained a 21.3% increase in visitors by A/B testing their banner ad designs.

2. Headlines

Headlines are the first thing that catches your users’ attention. And hence they have the power to make or break your CTRs.

In fact, in 2017, Microsoft’s Bing increased their annual revenue by an astonishing 12% (more than $100 million) just by changing their display ad headline!!!

Here’s how you can A/B test your headlines:

  1. Try asking questions that evoke curiosity and drive more engagement.
  2. Focus on your USP and benefits.
  3. Vary the placement of headlines in your banner ads.
  4. Play around with different fonts, colors, and sizes.
  5. Use power words to grab quick attention.

3. Copy and Value Proposition

Your banner ad copy is another crucial element responsible for the success of your campaign.

Due to space limitations, you’ll have to stick to one strong value proposition and put it together in fewer words. But that shouldn’t stop you from efficiently A/B testing your copy. You can add different versions of the same value propositions to your banners.

For example, you can vary your copy’s tone - have a relaxed tone, an urgent tone, or an inspirational one.
Or, you can also try changing a few words in your copy. For example, a law firm increased their CTR and conversion rate by 27% and 11% respectively while reducing their CPA by 8% - all this just by replacing the word “Apply” with “PreApply” in their ad copy!

The trick is to evoke different emotions such as curiosity, urgency, or excitement with each variant. This way, you’ll get the essence of what works best for your audience.

4. Call to Actions

Call to Actions are, of course, an essential part of your banner ad. If you try different creative variations of CTA instead of just sticking to the usual “Buy Now,” you can make a massive difference to your conversion rates.

For example, simply rearranging the words in CTA from “Get $10 off the first purchase. Book online now!” to “Get an additional $10 off. Book online now” led to the doubling of CTR for Straight North, an internet marketing agency.

Here are a few things to test in your CTA:

  • Text
  • Color and contrast
  • Placement
  • Style

The Easiest Way to A/B your Display Ads

Unlike landing pages and emails, A/B testing your banner ads is quite daunting. Depending on your company’s size, A/B testing banner ads for your campaigns can take you weeks!

If you’ve tried A/B testing your banners before, you know that you’ve to redo the banner design each time and hope that this version works. And if it doesn’t work, you have to go through the whole process of resizing, rewriting the copy, and playing with the designs.

Thankfully for you, an automated banner production platform like Abyssale can save your day!

Using Abyssale, you can test multiple banner ad designs at scale in a fraction of the time that your team would usually take.

Generate multiple ad designs to optimize your campaign reach

You can set up your branding, A/B test multiple designs, collaborate with your team, and get the ads rolling within a few hours. So you get time to focus on other important business tasks at hand.

Whether you’re a startup, an agency, or an eCommerce business, Abyssale will be the most budget-friendly and time-efficient platform for your display advertising campaigns.

It’s Your Turn Now!

Now you know that A/B testing can be game-changing for your business’ conversions. In fact, 63% of companies believe that A/B testing can significantly increase their conversion rates.

With Abyssale, display ad A/B testing gets much more manageable and cost-effective, especially if you’re working on a large scale and don’t want to waste your time on redesigning ad creatives for each set of tests.

Try A/B testing your banner ads today and watch your conversions skyrocket!