You have built your product for several months and finally launched it on ProductHunt, Hackernews, Facebook and more... The heat and thrill of upvotes and subscriptions are dissipating and you are now facing the hardest task yet in your entrepreneurial journey:

Market your product/service.

Naturally, you searched for documentation on Google and found yourself overwhelmed by an ocean of content, blogs, and articles with the " best tips out there". Let's face it, there are infinite ways to market your solution, and most of the time what you read somewhere is so generic and most of all might not be right for your specific market audience.

Creating Abyssale was our challenge. We have thougt a lot about how to help users in the Advertising world and decided to write a serie of articles explaining a wide range of concepts & topics.

Behold, our summary for this series:

Part 1 - How does Modern Display Advertising Actually Work
Part 2 - Available Advertising Networks and their Key Differences
Part 3 - How to Plan and Define your Advertising Strategy
Part 4 - How to Measure and Track Advertising Performance
Part 5 - Why you Should Invest in Search Engine Advertising
Part 6 - Best Performing Ad Sizes in 2020
Part 7 - The Anatomy of a Relevant Banner Design

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