We're very excited to release Abyssale version 1.9 - Mango edition! 🥭

What's new:

This start of the year has been a blast so far!  Hopefully what's following should be mangonificent!

Based on community discussions, we've focused our efforts on Abyssale's Creative Automation features.
These new features allows you to launch bulk images generations from CSV data sheets to further automate & scale your images production.

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Bulk Image Generation

Scaling images production can be overwhelming, especially if you're not familiar with developer tools (API) or external integrations (Zapier, Integromat, ...).

This is why we've added easy and familiar ways for you to generate large amounts of visuals based from CSV's (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, ...).

How does it work?

  • Select a template
  • Click the blue "Generate banners" button at the top of any template pages.
  • Import you CSV or Airtable records or fill your template content variations directly on the Abyssale new "Feed" system.
  • Automatically & seamlessly generate images from those records.

To get you started we've created a quick video explanation. Check it out:

Automate bulk images production

In addition to adding your content to an Abyssale feed, we've also added CSV and Airtable files import capabilities.

You can read detailed instructions on our Help Center! Here are the links:

How to import my Airtable base into Abyssale
Your Airtable records can now be quickly and easily imported on Abyssale! Let’s dive into it: 1. Add your Airtable API key 1. First go to Airtable & log in 2. C
How to import my Airtable base records to Abyssale
How to import my csv file into Abyssale
CSV files can now be easily imported on Abyssale to generate your images in bulk. Let’s dive into it: 1. Go to app.abyssale.com & log in 2. Go to “Templates” an
How to import my CSV files to Abyssale

These new generation methods also comes with a notification center allowing you to get notified  when your bulk generations are completed and access them in a single click.

Abyssale bulk generation notifications

Abyssale new Home

We've made some changes to the navigation! The addition of the "Home" is a stepping stone towards a more comprehensible and resourceful dashboard.

The "Home" page now includes:

  • A link to the current Abyssale version changelog.
  • Your Abyssale plan informations & limitations.
  • Video tutorials helping you to get started with Abyssale unique features.
  • Quick access for help and documentations.

More changes to this section will be done in the future to simplify platform access.

Templates text size auto-resizing Support

Generating images from dynamic template is a neat feature, but sometime your text container area can't fit all your desired content.

This is why we've added the ability to define a minimum text-size to any text layers!

With this feature you can now define maximum and minimum text-sizes to your text layers... Appropriate text-sizes will be selected by the Abyssale algorithm for every single content generated from that template.

Here is a screenshot of the feature:

Abyssale templates text auto-resizing

Other improvements & fixes:

We've also published a couple of fixes improving the overall experience of the platform including:

  • Exported images are now JPEG files instead of PNG (Improving export file sizes and quality).
  • New decorations have been added to Abyssale Auto-Generation
  • Zapier integrations (v1.0.5) includes more verbose error messages.

If you encounter any bump on the road please let us know!
Every single feedback greatly help us improve the platform quality and provide you with the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback you can reach us on the following networks: