Summer has ended 🥲 but there's one thing that we're quite excited about: the release of  Abyssale version 1.11 - Grapes edition! 🍇

What's new:

We've been quite busy this summer and a lot of good changes are happening @Abyssale! Our team is growing at a steady pace and you should hear more news about this in our Facebook community group.

Our focus for this v1.11 was mainly around improving the Abyssale template builder by adding new features and components to it!

New builder components!

As we've stated in our previous changelog "Creating templates on Abyssale should be intuitive!" This is why we'll keep adding new features & components to the template builder!

For this v1.11 we've essentially added illustrations components such as:

All these new components allow you to select specific illustrations or icons from those libraries. We've also added the possibility to customize their color (Does not work on Emojis for obvious reasons).

Abyssale template builder - illustrations component
Abyssale template builder - illustrations component

Text - Background color

You can now select a specific part of your text and add a background color to it!
What's great about this feature is that it allows you to dynamically update your text content and associate a background color to a couple of words.

We've also added the possibility to update/change the content directly via API or the Abyssale Feed by inputting the value using our Markdown system.

The quick brown fox <bg=#2B50E6>jumps</bg> over the lazy dog
The syntax used on the Abyssale API and Feed
Text component - Selected text background color
Text component - Selected text background color 

Text - Gradient color

You can now apply a directional gradient color to an entire text layer.

Text component - Selected text background color
Text component - Gradient color

Text - Emojis

You can now directly add emojis to your text content!
Like every single feature, emojis can be added via our API and the Abyssale Feed.

Text component - Adding emoji's to text content
Text component - Adding emoji's to text content

Text - Diagonal Strikethrough

After deploying "text decorations" to the platform for the v1.10, some of you asked if we could also add  "diagonal strikethrough" to any texts... Today we can proudly say that it is now also available (If you'd also like to ask for specific features, the best way is to join our Facebook group 😉)!

Text component - Adding emoji's to text content
Text component - Text decoration Strikethrough

Call To Actions - Gradients background & text color

You've probably noticed some kind of pattern here... Yes, it's gradient time!!
You can now also add gradients to your CTA background AND text colors.

Call To Action component - Background & text gradient color

Root - Gradients background color

And to finish this gradients frenzy we've also added this possibility to your format "Root".

As a reminder, the root is the base parameters of your format and it includes:  Format name & Format base background color
Format "Root" - Gradient background color 

Other improvements, changes & fixes:

We've also published a couple of fixes improving the overall experience of the platform including:

Export options

  • File compression "level" associated with a specific format (export banner weight and quality)

Abyssale API

If you encounter any bump on the road please let us know!
Every single feedback greatly helps us improve the platform quality and provide you with the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please let us know!

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